Rustic Modern Leather Couch Remodel…

Rustic Modern Leather Couch Remodel…featured

Hi!!  Happy Spring!! Guess what?!  I finally had a few days to dig into a project that has been lingering in the back of my psyche(and my garage) for the last 5 months. Here is a photo of the ugly duckling. I bought her for $50.  She had nice lines, but was tired… Like, real Read more

Sleeping Loft… Custom Accomodations

Sleeping Loft… Custom Accomodationsfeatured

Hey there!! It’s been a very white winter.  The kind that makes you want to go out and play in the snow, then come home and cozy up in front of the fire with a fuzzy blanket, a good book and a furry friend or snuggly family member.  Ok, just kidding… I hardly ever sit Read more

This Old Truck has a New Headliner…

This Old Truck has a New Headliner…featured

Hi! I’ve been meaning to share this super quick update on my truck.  In my last post about the truck, found here, I shared some of my plans for lovin’ on my old truck, Lil’ Red.  Well, I checked one thing off my list… The headliner. Poor girl, her headliner was completely missing! It was Read more

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #6

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #6featured

Ok, peeps…  Here’s the deal… 2 words…  Cat hoarder! This house was beyond foul!  The image of me with the respirator… Not an exaggeration.  I’m going to share some pictures of the house in the condition that I received it in.  The household debris and carpets had already been removed but you will definitely be Read more

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #5

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #5featured

Oh yeah… She wasn’t pretty.  Meet flip #5.  She’s a double wide manufactured home on a nice, treed one acre lot.  She was left in pretty rough condition: lots of household debris, pet products(and bi-products!), cages, crumbling cabinets and busted water lines. Here are the before photos. The Exterior The Interior (Baby you rock my Read more

One Room Challenge… Week 6…

One Room Challenge… Week 6…featured

Hi Again! So the time is up for the One Room Challenge that was put together over at Calling It Home.  It was fun to have the inspiration from the other home decorators and designers while transforming my own room in 6 weeks.  It was just the motivation I needed to get cracking on decorating our Read more

Country Home Addition…With a Rustic Modern Flair

Country Home Addition…With a Rustic Modern Flairfeatured

Hi! Oh boy… I am super excited to share this post with y’all! Once upon a time, there was a boarded up garage with a half gutted one bedroom living space above it. This house was bank owned when our friends bought it.  My husband, Patrick was their realtor… Thankfully, they saw the potential to Read more

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #4

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #4featured

Here we have Flip #4. She’s seen some big changes.  Let’s get right to it and look at the before photos with a little commentary. The Exterior Whew…Weeds, we’re talking weeds and lots of ’em.  And low hanging branches, so low you could barely park in the driveway. How ’bout this front walkway?  I’m not Read more