One Room Challenge… Home Office, Week 3

One Room Challenge… Home Office, Week 3featured

Hi again! Wow, this challenge is really keeping me on my toes to follow through.  But like I said before, I need this motivation to get things done and transition from my “lackluster design contentment” to “wow, I actually put some effort in to make this space feel and function with design intention.”  I really Read more

One Room Challenge… Home Office, Week 2

One Room Challenge… Home Office, Week 2featured

Week 2!  Inspiration and design plan… Ok…  I definitely didn’t plan ahead to start this project, so I’m doing my planning now: which basically means scouring the internet for inspiration.  Here’s what I am sure about so far.   I want DARK paint.  Moody, yet sophisticated and rich in tone.  First thing that I did was Read more

One Room Challenge… Home Office, Week 1

One Room Challenge… Home Office, Week 1featured

Hi friends!!  Oh boy, this last 6 months has been crazy… A couple of home and commercial business remodels, a handful of surgeries, and the filming of a pilot episode for HGTV!  It’s been nuts, really!  But I have to say, it’s been mostly good, sans the surgeries of my family members of course.  Anyway, I Read more

Barnwood Accent Wall…

Barnwood Accent Wall…featured

Oh boy…  I’m pretty excited to share about this project that I did back in March. I’d been pondering the sad state of the interior design of our dining room for a while.  This is how it looked for the last 3 years. There really wasn’t much of an intentional decor or style going on.  It Read more

Patio Makeover…

Patio Makeover…featured

Hi!  Happy spring!  Are you loving the warm weather?  I am!  It’s been a busy, busy last couple of months and I haven’t had much time to tackle any of my household projects but I did want to post a quick little update on my patio makeover that I did back in April. If you’ve Read more

Rustic Modern Leather Couch Remodel…

Rustic Modern Leather Couch Remodel…featured

Hi!!  Happy Spring!! Guess what?!  I finally had a few days to dig into a project that has been lingering in the back of my psyche(and my garage) for the last 5 months. Here is a photo of the ugly duckling. I bought her for $50.  She had nice lines, but was tired… Like, real Read more

This Old Truck has a New Headliner…

This Old Truck has a New Headliner…featured

Hi! I’ve been meaning to share this super quick update on my truck.  In my last post about the truck, found here, I shared some of my plans for lovin’ on my old truck, Lil’ Red.  Well, I checked one thing off my list… The headliner. Poor girl, her headliner was completely missing! It was Read more

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #6

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #6featured

Ok, peeps…  Here’s the deal… 2 words…  Cat hoarder! This house was beyond foul!  The image of me with the respirator… Not an exaggeration.  I’m going to share some pictures of the house in the condition that I received it in.  The household debris and carpets had already been removed but you will definitely be Read more