Ewwww, gross… Yes, I’ll take it! 1965 couch.

Ewwww, gross… Yes, I’ll take it! 1965 couch.featured

1965 Couch Was

Oh, I know what you’re thinking… Gross, where is the potential in that?!  Ugh… If you could have smelled it, you’d have been wondering about my mental wellbeing, why would anyone in their right mind purchase such a thing?  Well, to be honest, I secretly had buyers remorse the second we loaded it into our pickup truck.  Still in denial and trying to tell my husband and kids how great it was, all the while thinking…. What have I done?  There is something seriously wrong with me!  Then, I justified it in my brain, quietly, while we were driving home…What’s $20?  A trip to Starbucks with our family of 5,  the cost of 2 movie tickets, taking a friend to lunch or leaving a tip after spending $100 on sushi(no remorse there…never…ever…I love sushi…It’s my guiltiest pleasure)… Anyway, I guess I figured, worst case scenario is I just lost $20.

But somehow I was able to overlook the cat scratches, cigarette smell and other mysterious odors.  The thing had good bones and nice lines.  It was just disgusting in its current condition.   I literally took the thing out of the truck the minute we got home and spent the entire day stripping it down to the wood frame in my driveway.  There was no way I was even going to let that thing into my workshop with that stench.  But, the good news was, the wood was in great shape and after I washed it down with Pine Sol I was ready to give it a new life.  I ended up changing it up a bit and using a little creative license to give it some character.  The tweed was a burnt red/orange organic wool and I made the patchwork cushion out of leftover upholstery scraps.  The back buttons were all different fabrics as well.  Thankfully, it turned out pretty cool and didn’t even have the slightest remnant of an unpleasant odor! I think she looks I think she looks much happier now.  Don’t you?

Below is a photo of our last house with the couch in it.  It was summer so we had the couch facing the kitchen.  In the winter, we turned it toward the wood stove.  This room had awkward proportions.  It was really just an extension of the kitchen.  But, it was a nice cozy seating area in the cold winter months.  (Stay tuned for more info on the Baker House remodel.)


Anyway, we enjoyed this couch for about a year, until…

Infamous furniture wrecker

The cat came along.  Remember what I shared in the Cinnamon Chair post? Cats love to dig their frisky little claws into woven fabrics.  They absolutely live for it I think, and she was having her way with this couch, too.  It was driving me nuts and a I wasn’t going to let her wreck it… So, it went to a new home with the Cinnamon Chair.

Here is the couch in its new home.  I actually found this photo one day while surfing Houzz.  You can find the link to the page here at Shack-Attack on Houzz.  The new owner is an interior designer and chose this piece to furnish one of her vacation rentals.  Check it out.  I think it looks darling.

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