The Big X… Trellis Tutorial…

The Big X… Trellis Tutorial…featured

Hi!  So… It took me a while but I finally got around to writing a tutorial on the X-Trellis.  I guess I kind of missed the boat on spring planting, but at least it will be ready to go next year.

 This is a weird angle of the back of my house, but I wanted to show you the “before” area so that you could see the difference.IMG_0514

IMG_9638I thought the space in between the left two windows could use a giant X and some tall, viney greenery.  I love the way the two trellises that I built on the other side of the house turned out.  Remember this post about it?  Well, guess what?  They are flourishing!  Isn’t that great?  It makes me giddy!  I know, I’m a dork, but really, I have ZERO green thumb capabilities!  Here’s photo proof to my first small gardening success.

X Trellis Full Bloom

It is so simple to make.  The most tricky thing is getting the angles right for the X boards.

This is how I did it.

First, I made the square out of 1″x4″ cedar deck boards.  The bottom and top boards are 4’6″ wide and the over all height of the side boards are 10’… Yup, I said 10…Feet!  Isn’t there a saying, “go big or go home?”  Ok, you get it, it’s big!

Anyway, I predrilled pocket holes in the ends of the shorter boards and joined them by butting the short boards up to the inside of the long boards, flush at the corner with pocket screws and glue.

Kreg Joined corner

X 2

Now, you have the square.  Easy, right?


Ok, if there is a difficult part, it’s this next step.  Don’t be intimidated, I’m no woodworker or math whiz, but somehow my X turned out just fine.  All I did to figure out the angle was lay the long board diagonally across the square and used a ruler as a straight edge to draw a line where I would need to cut the angle.  Refer to the blue line below.

X Pocket Holes

Then, I basically did the same thing with the 2 shorter pieces.  I joined it all with glue and pocket screws.  My friend, Ian, drew a diagram of the basic plan.  He was able to figure out the angles with Sketchup, a free 3D design and drafting program.

Giant X-Trellis

Once the frame was built, I stained the wood using Messmer’s UV Plus Deck Stain, Oak Brown.  It is the same stain that we used on the gables of our house.

I stapled 16 gauge annealed rebar wire 4″ apart for the vines to climb vertically.

X Staples

Here is the finished frame.

Big X

I used 2 pieces of scrap wood that I painted to match the house trim to attach the frame to the siding.  I screwed one to the belly band. ↓


I screwed the other piece under the eave. ↓ Sorry that it’s so hard to see.

Then, I fastened the trellis to the boards with 3″ screws along the top and bottom edges.

x Trellis

We planted hops for our trellis.  Now we wait for them to grow.  I’m hoping that they will fill out next year, like the ones out front.

X Back of House

Ok, thanks for visiting. 🙂

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