Bird’s Nest… Stairs

Bird’s Nest… Stairsfeatured

Ok, quick post about the stairs and drawers… Let me just say, the walkway to the Bird’s Nest is only a scant 14″ wide. That’s right, you gotta suck it in to get back there… But once you do, it’s so comfy and cozy.  I often take my laptop up there and work.  It’s clean and tidy, unlike the rest of my house, most of the time…

The headboard was easy compared to building the stairs and drawers!  They took a couple of days to build.  You know what days mean, right?  It’s not like I actually spent 8 hours a day working on it.  My days are interrupted constantly with being a mom, wife, and office manager for my hubby.  It seems like projects could be done in a day if I wasn’t such a scattered mess most of the time! Anyway, here’s a picture of me squeezed in there.

birds nest 2

I was sweating bullets in that tight space…

 I didn’t really document the drawer building process, but it turned out great.  The drawers are 2′, 3′, and 4′ deep.  Great for stuffing linen, games and pillows in.  Check out the stuffing, compliments of my kids.  No folding necessary, apparently.

stuffed drawers

And, here it is in its entirety…

full view loft

Thanks for checking it out!

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