End Tables… About Time.

End Tables… About Time.featured

I love the process of designing and building/remodeling homes.  But, it’s a big financial commitment and it takes a lot of time until you see the finished product.  Sometimes, I just love to have a cheap quick project that I can whip up and execute over the weekend… Like these side tables.  I purchased both of them from the thrift store on separate occasions and they’ve just been sitting in our garage waiting their turn to get a makeover.  Let’s meet the lucky contestants.

First, we have the retro nesting tables.

Nesting Tables Before

I found these little gems at the thrift store for $10.  I have to admit that I have a “thing” for tapered legs, I just do… When I saw these legs, I knew that I had to buy these adorable, yet sparkly gold, delaminating, particleboard nesting tables.  My purchase was based solely upon the usefulness of the legs.  I tossed the tops and used some scrap, 1″ thick live-edge, kiln dried Ponderosa that I had left over from siding my husband’s shop.  I sanded and stained them with a walnut stain and sealed them with tung oil.Nesting4

nesting3 Nesting2

They have a rustic, rough sawn appearance, but they are smooth to the touch.  I really like how the texture turned out.Nesting Tables 1

Now we have a place to set things when reclining in the vintage “lazy girl.”

Contestant #2 is a mid century cutie.  She was a whopping $5 and looking pretty tired when I bought her.  I think she’d been living out in the arid desert for the last 50 years or something because there was absolutely no finish left on her wood parts.   She has a laminate top, which was covered in paint, but did eventually clean up with a little Goof Off.

SideTableB1 SideTableB2

I think she has nice lines.


I love how this shot has the sunrays beaming down on the table.  Like she knew that her days as a weathered table were coming to an end… Am I taking this too far? 😉

Anyway, I gave her a good sanding, applied some stain, let it dry overnight and lacquered her up with Deft Clear Satin Spray Finish.


Side Table1

This is great!  I almost feel like we have an adult friendly living room now.  We had toddlers and young kids (3 boys!) for so long that we never had side tables or even a coffee table for that matter.  It’s nice to finally be able to have some furniture that I’m not worried our kids will slam into and split their heads open on while wrestling(true story, 12 stitches later).  Hence the title of this post, “End Tables… About Time.”

Thanks for visiting and letting me share the fruit of my weekend labor.

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