My New “Old” Work Truck… 1976 F100

My New “Old” Work Truck… 1976 F100featured

Oh boy!!! I can hardly contain the excitement… I mean, really, just look at this smile.  I’m not even posing for this photo!  I just can’t seem to wipe this toothy grin off my face.  I’m in L O V E  with my new truck!In the F100She may be a little tattered and torn, but I like her…. just the way she is…on the outside.  I do plan to spruce up the interior with some new upholstery eventually.  Cause you know me, I’m constantly complicating my life with more projects.  I have zero auto upholstery experience but I’m going to wing it.  That’s just what I do around here.   And besides, she’s custom.F100 CustomI mean, just look at this tailgate… It’s not everyday you see a red truck with a green tailgate!F100 TailgateShe’s got character.  That’s what I like about her.  And, she’s hardworking.  My daily driver, a 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser has been my kid hauler for the last 9 years.  She’s getting up in years, but she is so reliable… And, I’m emotionally attached to her for some odd reason.  Anyway, I’ve been abusing her pretty badly for the last few years… Not only do I carry kids, dogs and groceries around in her, but I also use her as a work truck, hauling lumber and construction tools and equipment.  Just look at this…Land Cruiser AbuseOh the guilt… She wasn’t meant for this kind of life.  Sure, she likes to go 4 wheeling and on all sorts of outdoor excursions, but hauling lumber, pressure washers, shop vacs, and ladders… She just wasn’t designed for this contractor lifestyle.  So… Welcome my new truck!F100 ProfileF100She’s a worker… None of that luxury lifestyle for her.  She just wants to show up and be productive… Like today for example.  I was driving down the road when I discovered this vintage Steel Age desk with a FREE sign on it.  I knew I had to have it immediately.  F100 ColorsOh my gosh… These 3 colors… And textures… Rewind 40/50 years… Are you following people?  I’m in retro heaven!F100 InteriorAnd then there is this… This gorgeous red and black interior.Peanut in the TruckI’m feeling this whole lumberjack vibe going on with this truck. Thinking the interior is just waiting for some red and black plaid and vinyl upholstery.  What do you think?  I think Paul Bunyan would dig it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.10.52 PM

Special thanks to my favorite woodsman for finding this gem for me!

Patrick Woodsman

He loves to see me happy!  And, I am!  Can you tell?

F100 and Happy Girl 2

Thanks for letting me share my joy with y’all!

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