Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #2

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #2featured

I know what you’re thinking… This place is cute!  At least, that’s what I thought when I first saw it.  It is an adorable little cottage in the woods, surrounded with natural landscaping and tall Ponderosas.  This house was in decent shape, it mostly just needed a little tinkering here, fixin’ there.  It is 1,090 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 1 full bath. This is how it looked in the beginning.

Quartz Kitchen before

The kitchen is small and the cabinets may be dated but they are still in good shape and the countertops have a really nice solid surface quartz counter and backsplash.  The flourescent light fixture, dining light and broken appliances needed to go.  Also, the kitchen faucet was worn out and leaky, so that was replaced too.


And this floor… Sheesh, I don’t know what installer would leave the corners all curled up like this without any base trim.


Speaking of poor installation, the tile in the entryway was “gappy” to say the least.

Quartz Hearth Before

This my friends is a sad little, but real wood burning fireplace.  That was the one area where I decided a little extra money needed to be spent.

IMG_0176 IMG_0177

The closet door in the entry was busted and there was drywall damage and cracks throughout.

IMG_0186 IMG_0188

The paint was in bad shape, the light fixtures were hideous and the toilet needing replacing.  I also discovered that the dryer vent ducting was gone under the house and had been venting into the crawl space.

IMG_0168 IMG_0170IMG_0167IMG_0203

The exterior was in pretty good shape, no major repairs to be done there. Two exterior doors needed replacing.  The one on the garage had a highway for mice and varmints under it and didn’t function properly.  The other door was a hollow core interior door that was on the exterior entrance to a utility room…(afterthought???).  There were also 2 sections of fence that called for mending.  One in the front of the house in between the garage and house and a huge section in the backyard that required new posts to be set.  A well house had to be built to replace this busted up one(above right).

Ok, so, now you’ve seen it.  The list was longer than I thought after typing that all out.  Now let’s have a look at some of the aesthetic fixin’s.  Let’s start with the exterior.

Quartz Full Front Exterior

quartz ext after

 New light fixtures, fresh paint and deck stain.  New oil rubbed bronze door hardware, knocker and kick plate.

Remember the before?

quartz ext before

It definitely looks better now.

On to the interior… Check out the kitchen and dining area.

Quartz Kitchen After

New appliances, paint, flooring and light fixtures.


The entry and kitchen floor was replaced with luxury vinyl tiles that look like hardwood floors.  They are affordable, durable and good-looking.

quartz3 quartz4

All the doors in the house now have oil rubbed bronze hardware.  The bathroom received a new faucet, light fixture, towel bars and toilet.

quartz bath after

Remember, it used to look like this?


Now… My favorite part of the house.  The hearth!  I love a toasty fire on a cold winter day (which we get a lot of in these parts).

The fireplace got a new tile surround and my excellent handyman, carpenter extraordinaire built this custom mantle.

quartz Hearth after

Simple, yet elegant.  He also put a window sill on the neighboring window.

Here is the view of the living and dining room.  I could definitely see getting cozy in this house now.

quartz Living Dining

So, that’s really the best parts of the interior. Remember, it’s tiny!

Here’s a little recap.

The Exterior

Quartz Exterior Full

The Kitchen

Quartz Kitchen Dining Before and After

The Bath

Quartz Bath before and after

The Hearth

Quartz Hearth Before and After

Ok, that’s all for now.  This house was nothing to brag about but I’m excited to show you Flip #3, 4, 5 and 6… They had bigger transformations.

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