Getting Scrappy at the Metal Junkyard…

Getting Scrappy at the Metal Junkyard…featured


1.  This post is about a trip to the metal junkyard.

2.  You may find it disturbing how much I L O V E this place.

3.  You may also form an addiction to junking after you read this.

Ok, so I went on a field trip yesterday with my son’s 4th grade class to Smith Rock State Park. It’s about 45 minutes away from our house… Have you ever heard of it, or been there?  It is a glorious place, it really is.  If you ever visit Oregon, it’s a must see!

Smith Rock OR

I took this picture with my iPhone.  It’s beautiful, but doesn’t even come close to doing it justice!  You can’t fully feel the magnitude of the enormousness of the rock walls from a photo.  And, in my opinion, I think the sky is even bluer there…

Anyway, after the field trip, I took my own personal field trip to Swift and McCormick Metal Processor’s (junk) yard.  It is less than 2 miles from this state park.  This place is amazing… A different type of amazing than the state park, and yet, I find inspiration there as well.  I mean, check out this picture of the other kind of mountain variety that they have there…

Mile High Metal

Really… This is insane!  There are at least a dozen mounds of steel and scrap just like this one.  They are probably 20′ tall!  You could easily fill a football field 15′ deep with all the metal in this place (just guessing).  So, why do I find it so exiting?  I think it’s all the patina and repurposing potential that I see.  Check out some of the finds…

Fire Hydrant

I don’t know why I love these… Oh yes I do, because I’m obsessed with anything rusty and red, or blue for that matter.

Rusty Blue Wheel

This a place where cars and kegs go to die.

Junk Cars

Keg Dumpster

And, a boat filled with stuff like old BBQ’s… Why not?

Boat and Stuff

Looking for old railroad memorabilia…

Rusty Steel 2

Need a few railroad spikes for that rustic coat rack that you’ve been wanting to make?  You can find a few….thousand, here.

railroad spikes 2

How about rusty old steel wheels?  I think they’d make good planters for the patio.  I’d buy one… or six, but I couldn’t lift them, they were SO heavy!

Rusty Steel

↑ Oh look! ↑ Peek-a-boo view of Smith Rock in the background.

So what did I buy, you ask?  Well, for $36, I bought all of these sprockets, gears, clutches, ball bearings and 10 railroad spikes.  My plan is to make some kind of wall hanging for our bonus room.  And, the last time I was there, I got some rusty green tractor teeth that I plan to use as shelf brackets.  I also purchased this weathered blue steel channel to make a photo ledge with.

Rusty Goodies

I hope you enjoyed this little virtual field trip… Happy scrapping!

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