Log Home Restoration… Before Photos

Log Home Restoration… Before Photosfeatured

The log home.  Oh, the poor, poor, mistreated log home.  She came to me in bad shape via my favorite client who hires me to design and manage the restoration of his flip homes.  This was the log home’s situation… Her previous owner had lit a garbage fire in the crawl space before losing the house to foreclosure.  Fortunately, the fire was pretty contained in the center of the house so structurally it wasn’t destroyed, but… The smoke damage was bad!  The logs had absorbed the smoke and the house smelled like a campfire.  Also, multiple windows were broken or missing. The interior doors were mismatched(if they were even present) and busted in. The interior walls were also in bad shape with giant holes and half peeled wallpaper.  On top of all that, she was outdated and in dire need of TLC.  This is exactly the kind of challenge I love!  I’ve spent the better part of the last 3 months putting this little cabin back together and I’m really happy with the way she’s turned out.

The House Details

3 Bedroom

2 Bath

1500 sq ft

Detached, oversized 2 car garage with living area and bathroom above.

1.25 Acres in the woods

Today I want to share the photos of what the house looked like when I got it.  I promise to share the after pictures soon!

The Exterior


Log Home Front



The patio area joins the house (left) to the garage/shop/bonus room(right).


The garage was unpermitted and also had a fire in it.

shop exterior




Ok, so now you’ve seen the outside.

Here’s the list of repairs that it needed.

1. New Roof

2. New Windows, Doors, Garage Doors

3. Replace Damaged Board and Batten Siding

4. Caulk, Repair, Strip and Stain Logs

5. New Decks

6. Repair Pavers

7. General Yard Cleanup

8. Fix Fences

The Interior


(1 Bedroom, 1 full bath with laundry, kitchen and living area)

Before Entry

Before Kitchen

before kitchen 2

You can see the charred logs in the photo below.

Before Fire Damage





(Master bedroom, guest bedroom, 1 shared bathroom)






I could kick myself for not taking more interior photos.  I completely missed a photo of the master bedroom and downstairs bathroom.  I didn’t get pictures in there because there wasn’t any power and the windows were boarded up.  I meant to come back and do it when the new windows were in, but… didn’t happen.

Interior Repairs Needed

1. Disaster restoration to gut the house and sandblast the logs

2. Refinish the logs

3. Install new windows and exterior doors

4. Re-wire the entire house

5. Re-plumb the house

6. Add a bathroom in the master bedroom and relocate the closets

7. Insulate

8. Drywall

9. Paint

10. Interior doors and millwork

11. New cabinets and countertops

12. New flooring

13. New appliances

14. New electrical and plumbing fixtures

15. Relocate the fireplace because it didn’t meet building code

So there you have it! It was a long list.

After the restoration company came through and did their thing, they passed the torch on to me to finish it.

This is what I had to start with…



A blank slate!

I’ll post the after photos soon!



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