Mid Century Walnut Office Chairs…

Mid Century Walnut Office Chairs…featured

Patrick and I both work from home and share an office.  It’s pretty nice with a built in walnut desk and a nice view of the mountains.  I’d love to show you a picture of it, but it’s pretty messy right now.  Patrick has been working away in there and I haven’t had the chance to tidy it up for a photo.

Anyway, I scored these mid century chairs off of Craigslist.  I love Craigslist… Have I said that before?

MCM Walnut Chairs

The walnut wood is in excellent shape and the upholstery appeared to be in great condition, but sadly, the seat foam had completely deteriorated.  Two of the chairs needed some wood glue and reinforcing to support the chair backs as well.  So, I decided to reupholster them.  I went with a Pendleton wool mix fabric that I bought from the Pendleton Store in our town.  It was actually a king size blanket that has now been discontinued so the price was reduced…. Yes!  Almost 1/2 off… I love a deal.  It wasn’t my absolute favorite, but I do love the colors and the price was right.  To see it on the Pendleton website click here.

Pendleton Zig Zag

I had some fun with mixing up the patterns and I made a little time-lapse video while I was reupholstering the last chair.  It’s 36 seconds long.  I already had the fabric cut out which helped me save time.  Check it out…

Mid Century Office Chairs Full Front

Mid Century Office Chairs Side

Mid Century Office Chairs Back

Office Chairs Before and After

Ok, that’s all for now… More projects coming up soon…

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