One Room Challenge… Home Office Transformation

One Room Challenge… Home Office Transformationfeatured

Hi guys!  Wow, I am SO relieved to be done with this room makeover!  Don’t get me wrong, I needed the motivation to tackle our office.  But now I remember why I don’t re-decorate very often: it takes a lot of time and effort!

So let’s get to it!  I’m sure you want to see the transformation.  Here’s a quick refresher of what our uninspiring, tiny home office looked like before.

thumb_img_2684_1024 thumb_img_2682_1024 thumb_img_2680_1024 thumb_img_2679_1024

My husband, Patrick, and I both base our businesses out of our home office.   He is a realtor/investor and I run the interior design and project management for our family owned construction company.  Needless to say, our office needs to function well.  But, after 3 years of shlepping by in this disheveled disaster, it was time to give it a makeover.  The house is only 3 years old, and the corner desk is built in, so I wasn’t about to do any major demo, although I wish I could have yanked the carpet out, but that just wasn’t a possibility right now.  My main goal was to essentially make it pretty and functional. I wanted it to feel cozy and look like I actually put some effort into making it homey.  Once I got going on it, I decided that I wanted to create a space that would feel personal to our family with lots of photos and memorabilia.  Since our house has a LOT of windows and an open floor plan, we don’t have many interior walls to display photos and art.  That’s why I decided to make 3, 6′ picture ledges for the office.  It’s a great way to showcase art and images without the fuss of hanging it all on the wall.  And, it’s easy to switch things around when you are ready for a change.

Here is the ledge that I built for Patrick.  The shotgun above it belonged to his little brother, who is no longer with us… They call it, “Farmer John.” I styled his wall to be more masculine and geared toward his history. I couldn’t resist hanging some of our old family favorites under the ledge.  Most of the photos are of him and our 3 boys. (If you look real close on the left, I snuck my high school senior photo on the ledge too…We met a year after that picture was taken.)

orc-patricks-ledge-2 orc-patricks-ledge

I built 2 ledges for me because, well…I’m a girl and I have more stuff and art that I wanted to display.

orc-karries-ledges orc-karries-ledges-2

One of the things that I like to do when decorating is…Have a little fun with it!  It’s more interesting to have some weird, unexpected decor for a little entertainment value, like this vintage 1940’s chalkware Dutch string holder…


Another favorite decor piece that we have, and have always displayed is our first driver’s licenses from when Patrick and I were both 16… His was issued in 1988 and mine in 1992.  I find them hysterical!  I edited them a bit for this post because mine actually has my social security number on it, and I blanked out our addresses.


Ok, enough silly stuff, back to the tour.  I built a new, live-edge walnut desk that mounts to the wall.



I also built a few His and Hers bookshelves for each side of the window.


My photography skills are rough.  It was tricky to photo this room and shelves because of the sunlight coming in from the window and my lack of knowledge when it comes to photography techniques.  I did my best… Here is the view to the west from the office window just for fun.  Off in the distance you can see the snow-capped Cascade Mountain Range.


Ok, back to the book shelves.

His shelves…

orc-patricks-book-shelves-1 orc-patricks-bookshelves-3

(notice the teeth on the shelf…more weirdness :))

Her shelves…

orc-karries-bookshelves img_8954

Alright, that concludes what I built for this makeover.  Although, I guess I did sew this pillow, too.


So, let’s have a look at the room through the wide angle lens… I hope you like it.  It definitely has a cozy, eclectic and fun vibe going on.

img_9022 img_9023 img_9027img_9032

A couple before and afters…



Ok, gang…I’m going to leave it at that, even though I probably took at least 100 more photos!

Thank you everyone who has followed along or stopped by in the last few weeks to check on my progress… I’m so appreciative of your encouragement!  Please consider following me on my Instagram account or subscribing to my blog.  I have some exciting news coming up that involves a pilot episode that we filmed last summer for a potential new HGTV show.  It is still in editing but we are hopeful that it will air this winter and I’d love it if you guys could help me spread the word.  Thank you friends!!


And, don’t forget to see the other designer’s and blogger’s amazing transformations for this season of the One Room Challenge.  Click on the icon below to be re-directed to the Calling It Home website.  I guarantee you’ll be inspired!

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