One Room Challenge… Home Office, Week 5

One Room Challenge… Home Office, Week 5featured

Hey, hey!  Time is running out!  One week left for this edition of the “One Room Challenge” that Linda from Calling It Home hosts twice a year.  My challenge has been to give our home office a makeover in six weeks.  To see my before pictures and find out more about the “One Room Challenge,” go check out my Week 1 post.  I don’t want to be redundant for those of you who have been following along already.  I will say one thing, though… Six weeks seems like a long time in the beginning, but it seems really short at the back end.  Hint, hint… I still have lots to do, and this post is going to be short because of it!

Here is the original office layout.  Patrick’s desk is built in so it can’t be moved, but my little corner was in need of some love and attention.


I still have to stay in the corner but I built a new desk that is wider but not as deep to give me more of a workspace and it allows me to move my tall filing cabinet.  Here is the new layout.


As you can see, not a huge change but the proportions have adjusted a bit.  The highlighted area next to the windows is where the new bookshelves will go.  The bigger highlighted area on the lower right is for my new desk.

I did manage to build the shelves and some of the art ledges this past weekend.

Here is a view into my messy garage where the new desktop and shelves are drying after being finished with tung oil.

ORC Desktop and Ledge

ORC Desktop and Ledge2

ORC Desktop

Side note… Are you loving my funky steelcase desk?  I got it for free last year… It’s on my to-fix-up list of furniture projects that I’m hoarding right now.  (Apologies to my family for having to navigate around my vintage furniture collection in the garage)

Anyway, all of the wood is walnut.  I had it leftover from a remodel that I did last spring.  Our office cabinets are walnut also, so it’s perfect.  The hardest part about making the shelves was that I only had 6″ wide material so I had to join two boards together.  I don’t have a biscuit joiner or router (yet) so I just used the table saw to rip the wood down so that I could 1/2 lap the boards.

See the little joint in the middle?  I used wood glue and pin nails to hold it together.


thumb_img_8891_1024 thumb_img_8890_1024

So there you have it.  The shelves and ledges are built and the desk top is finished.  I just need to apply one more coat of tung oil and then I’ll be ready to install all of them.

The BIG, or should I say little reveal of the office will be next Thursday….  Don’t forget to visit the link up where you can see the other room transformations.  Click on the icon below to be directed there.  And again, thanks for visiting and encouraging me along the way!

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