Patio Furniture Here We Come!!!

Patio Furniture Here We Come!!!featured

Hi there…

I have total spring fever…. Green lawns, blossoming flowers, BBQs, outdoor concerts, camping…. Summer is on the way, and I’m looking forward to it.  I just want to be outside!

Like I said in my “Work in Progress” post about our house, there’s lots to be done ’round here.  Especially when it comes to the landscaping and outdoor spaces.  Last summer we didn’t do much as far as working on house projects/yard work.  We needed a break after the previous summer when it felt like the whole summer was consumed with moving… You know, finishing the new house, fixing the old house to sell, purging years of accumulation and of course the actual M O V I N G(which we drug out over a 2 month period!)…  It seems so simple when you write the words down, but, boy… We had our hands full.  Anyway, last summer we decided to live with a dust bowl of a yard and just go camping on the weekends.  But, this year… It’s game on.  We finally have a lawn, and I just did a little planting in the flower beds.   The landscaping is going to take a while to figure out.  We have a lot of deer and a short growing season so I’m starting small to see how it goes.  We also have a nice covered wraparound patio.  It’s great, but in need of some furniture.  I’ve been wanting an outdoor living room for as long as I can remember, but I just can’t seem to stomach the prices for the ones that I want.  Like this one from Restoration Hardware.  It’s on sale right now for $2695 plus $1000 for the cushions. Plus, shipping.

Restoration Hardware Marbella Sofa

So, I came up with a little plan to furnish the patio.  Actually, I was trying to come up with a decorating plan for our bonus room and got a little distracted with the fact that the couch that was up there had a broken frame.  It was a cheapo Costco couch that our kids had whooped on for the last 8 years.  When “they” say, “they just don’t build them like they used to,” that would definitely apply to this sofa… I’m talking CHEAP-O plywood construction.  It probably didn’t help that the boys did front flips off the arms and wrestled on the couch, either.  Here’s a picture of the tired old couch.  She’s seen better days.

beat old couch

Anyway, I know it seems like I got  a little off track there, but keep reading… So, the time had come to toss the couch.  Into the dump trailer it went… But wait, the cushions… They’re still good.   Ok, perfect, I’ll reuse the foam to make an outdoor sofa set.  Bingo!  I had a plan.  Now normally that type of foam wouldn’t be good outside because it doesn’t drain fast like outdoor cushion foam.  But, I think it will be fine in our situation because it is a covered patio and I used a water repellant outdoor fabric.   Plus, it was free, and it’ll stay out of the landfill, right?

I designed an 8′ sofa with cantilevered side tables out of cedar.  Overall it’s 12′ long.  I still have enough foam left over to build 2 matching chairs (eventually).  I also plan on making a coffee table; stay tuned for that.  Scroll down for more pictures.

Patio Sofa without Cushion

I just finished this today.  It still needs to be stained, but I’m going to use a clear stain.  I made the seat bottom a single 8′ long cushion and three back cushions that are 32″ wide.  The fabric is a charcoal Everyday Value Outdoor fabric from Hancocks.  It was $9/yard.  I bought 10 yards.  I spent $300 on the cedar.  I’ve got $400 into it.  I’m going to make throw pillows for it soon.  I love the way it turned out and I definitely couldn’t have bought a sofa like that for the money that I spent.

Patio Sofa with Charcoal Cushions

Just to get an idea… Here’s a picture of the sofa that I took from the lower yard this morning up at the covered back patio.


Patio Sofa

Here’s my new to-make list.

2 matching chairs


outdoor throw pillows

coffee table

I’ve got my work cut out for me!!!  But, I can’t wait to get started.

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