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Patio Makeover…featured

Hi!  Happy spring!  Are you loving the warm weather?  I am!  It’s been a busy, busy last couple of months and I haven’t had much time to tackle any of my household projects but I did want to post a quick little update on my patio makeover that I did back in April.

If you’ve been following me for a while…(I’ve had this little blog for just over a year now, it’s still just a baby blog, but none the less… It’s my baby!)  Ok, where was I going with that anyway?  Oh, yeah…The patio.  Anyway, you may remember last year I built a cedar couch for my patio. You can click here to read about it, or maybe this pic will jog your memory.

Patio Sofa 2

It’s a pretty long couch with comfy cushions, clean modern lines and I love it.  Or, should say… I loved it.  When it was fresh and new and beautiful, I loved it.  Fast forward one year though and her fresh clean appearance had become dingy and stained from lots of use.  But the worst part, was that the charcoal grey cushions turned a HORRIBLE faded purple.  I’m just going to admit here, and I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but purple and me; we don’t mix.  Not at all.  I don’t own a single purple thing in my house… Nothing!  Not even a pair of purple underwear or socks.

Ok, enough about that.  I wanted to give her a do-over.

Here’s what I learned in this one year that I wanted to take into consideration while planning for her transformation.

1. Unfinished wood and my family do not pair well.  It’s kind of like eating spaghetti with a white t-shirt on.  Ya know what I’m sayin’?

2. Dark outdoor upholstery fades, especially on our very sunny west facing “sunset porch.”

So, my solution to fix my first realization about raw wood was to stain the wood with a dark stain.  I used Superdeck “Canyon Brown.”


I know… Looks kinda nasty here.  But, I wasn’t happy with the Superdeck color as-is so I went over it with a little black chalk paint wash and a little light gray chalk paint wash.  I really wanted it dark to contrast with the light linen color of the new outdoor fabric.


See?  Looks better with the cushions on it.  It also goes with the rustic nature of our house.

Originally I had planned to build two matching chairs to complement the couch.  Here’s my rough sketch.

FullSizeRender 19

Sometimes my big plans don’t pan out though, and other projects/life/work, take precedence.  So basically, I just gave up on the chairs.  Luckily, I had some other furniture around that seems to go with the seating area pretty well.


This log adirondack rocker we have had for 16 years; it’s faded and tired but perfect that way.  The live-edge ponderosa bench I built a few years ago from leftover lumber from our fireplace mantle.  Then, I recovered the little milk crate stools to match, added a few plants, and I think it’s an eclectic little grouping.




So that’s about it… I don’t claim to be a good decorator by any means, but at least the porch is comfortable and welcoming for gatherings and relaxation.









And, just for fun, here is a little flipogram of the before and after styling.

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