Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #4

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #4featured

Here we have Flip #4.

She’s seen some big changes.  Let’s get right to it and look at the before photos with a little commentary.

The Exterior


Whew…Weeds, we’re talking weeds and lots of ’em.  And low hanging branches, so low you could barely park in the driveway.


How ’bout this front walkway?  I’m not sure why it’s not very welcoming ;)…

The Entry

19011 Baker Entry Before

Notice the huge smashed in drywall on the right side?  This house had no shortage of holes punched or kicked in it… But this hole… Definitely from someone’s head!  Ouch!

The Living Room

thumb_IMG_0372_1024 thumb_IMG_0374_1024

Does anyone see what I see?  Do you notice the partial walls with a vaulted ceiling? 8′ walls with vaulted ceilings?  Was that ever a “thing?”  If so, I don’t get it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.15.14 PM

You kind of felt like this in the house.

Check out this room.  I think maybe it was an office because it had a LOT of cords in it. But basically it was room dividing the living room from the dining room with, once again, partial walls and the only south facing window in the house.


The Dining Room


This view is from the dining room into the random room (office?), with a weird dinette area (under the ceiling fan) that led to the entry… Did someone really think this was a good idea?

The Kitchen



Not much to say about the kitchen except that it’s dated. The cabinets were actually in good shape and I kept them!

The Hall Bath



Do you see this? 4 doors along the left wall.  The hallway into the powder room, the powder room into the shower room, and the shower room into the laundry room. Check out the flooring transition, too. Fun!

The Master Bedroom and Bath



No comment…Insert your thoughts here… This bathroom is                     !

3 Other Bedrooms



Ok, I think you’ve seen enough… You get the idea, right?  This house is just screaming for attention!

So, here is the list of aesthetic improvements that the house needed and received.

1.New interior doors and trim

2.New light fixtures

3.New flooring thoughout

4.New countertops and backsplash

5. New appliances

6.New toilets and plumbing fixtures

7.New glass shower doors

8.New sliding glass door

9.New front door and patio doors

10.New front walkway

11.Some landscaping and tree trimming

12.New gravel for the driveway

Here are a couple extra additions that I felt would really help with the resale of the house.

1.Eliminating the “maze” in the great room by removing the partial walls.


2.Building a covered porch at the entrance.

Could I have a drum roll please???

The finished product.

The New Front Porch


The New Entry, Living Room, and Dining Room




Yay! No more partial walls! Just one big, bright and light filled room!

Here are some photos that I took from the dining room during the demo of the walls.

First there was this.


Then, this happened.


(Those are our 2 oldest sons working hard!)

And, after that… They removed all the walls and it looked like this.


What a huge difference it makes in the house!

Ok, back to the the after photos.

The Kitchen

IMG_0802 thumb_IMG_0796_1024 thumb_IMG_0801_1024

The kitchen now has a beautiful quartz countertop with a real slate backsplash.  I also removed the flourescent overhead lighting and had 6 mini can lights installed.

The Hall Bath

thumb_19011 Baker Rd20_1024 thumb_IMG_0803_1024 thumb_IMG_0805_1024

I removed the interior door that went between the toilet room and shower room…There were just too many doors there previously!

The Master Bedroom and Bath

thumb_19011 Baker Rd16_1024 thumb_19011 Baker Rd17_1024

Ok, here’s the last of the pictures… I just want to wrap it up with a few before and afters to remind you of the progress.

The Exterior

007 Before and After Ext

The Great Room

011 Living Before and After

The Kitchen

011 before and after kitchen

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out this remodel.  It was really fun to work on and shine up.  And, I’m really glad that I could clean up the neighborhood in the process.

Flip #5 and #6 will be done shortly… Stay tuned for those transformations!

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