Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #6

Reviving Homes for Resale… Flip #6featured

Ok, peeps…  Here’s the deal… 2 words…  Cat hoarder!

This house was beyond foul!  The image of me with the respirator… Not an exaggeration.  I’m going to share some pictures of the house in the condition that I received it in.  The household debris and carpets had already been removed but you will definitely be able to get a visual of a cigarette stained, previously cat infested house.

Zuni Before

This picture doesn’t look so bad… but let me tell you, from where I was standing when I took the photo, I could smell the cat urine stench emanating from the INTERIOR of the house… With the doors and windows closed.

Let’s take a tour.

The Entry


See this vinyl floor?  Guess what?  It was originally white.  Everything in the house was yellow from years of smoking.


↑I have never seen switch plates this cruddy in my entire life! I would wear plastic gloves just to go inside this house.


↑This door is a perfect example of what every door in the house looked like.

Check out this bedroom!↓

thumb_IMG_0444_1024 thumb_IMG_0443_1024thumb_IMG_0437_1024

Did you notice the window sill and wall slime?  Fur and fecal matter….Yup, not lying to ya!

Here’s the Master Bedroom.

thumb_IMG_0441_1024 thumb_IMG_0439_1024IMG_0440

Looks like they kept goats or something in there… And again…the smell! Ugh… Nasty!

Here is the Living Room.


The Dining Room.

thumb_IMG_0429_1024 thumb_IMG_0424_1024thumb_IMG_0422_1024

Eek!!! Fur, grease, and fly poop!  Talk about unappetizing!  I can’t imagine anyone even eating food in this dining room!

The Kitchen

thumb_IMG_0427_1024 thumb_IMG_0428_1024thumb_IMG_0425_1024

The Laundry Closet


↑What happened here??!! Gross!

Ok, I think I’ve given you a pretty good feel for the destruction and defecation that happened here.  Now I want to let you know what it took to bring this house around to the lovely home that it has become.

Zuni Front

First, I sent my two oldest sons in there to gut the place!  Don’t call child protective services on me, I made sure that they had the best respirators available and only let them work a few hours at a time.  Here’s a picture of them from summer vacation…(Aren’t they cute?) Kaelan is 14 and Tristan is 18.  They handle the dirty work on my jobs sites.


Anyway, they removed all the cabinets, interior doors and trim, and the vinyl floor.  The house was basically empty except for drywall and subfloor.

Here is a list of the treatments that we performed to fix this stinky house!

• Washed down the walls

• Painted interior walls, ceiling and subfloor with shellac to seal in smells and stains (think Kilz, but way stronger!)

 •Applied another stainblocker primer to the whole interior to reinforce the shellac.

• Had drywall repairs done.

•Replaced the shattered sliding glass door and all the windows in the living room, dining room and kitchen. (they had moisture trapped inside the panes)

•Repaired the siding and trimmed the windows on the exterior.

•Built two small decks on the back of the house.

• One more coat of primer and then painted the house, inside and out.

  •Installed new cabinets.

•Replaced all the interior doors and millwork.

•Hung a new front door.

•Poured a concrete walkway at the front entrance.

•Put cedar lap siding on the garage gable.

•Replaced the posts on the front walkway.

•Had the interior doors and trim painted.

•Installed new floor coverings.

•Had new laminate countertops and tile backsplash put in.

•New plumbing fixtures, water heater.

•The electrician replaced all of the switches, outlets, electrical heaters, exhaust fans, and light fixtures.

•We installed all new appliances.

•Put new gravel on the driveway.

•Had fences built on both sides of the house.


Let’s see her in all her glory now.



IMG_1071 IMG_1075




Living, Dining, Kitchen

IMG_1037IMG_1039IMG_1050IMG_1041 IMG_1040IMG_1049 IMG_1045

Laundry Closet


Master Bedroom and Bath

60347 Zuni Cir1060347 Zuni Cir11IMG_1059

2 Guest Bedrooms and Hall Bath

60347 Zuni Cir8 60347 Zuni Cir960347 Zuni Cir12IMG_1054


Can you believe how nice the house is now?  It is so bright and clean inside! And the smell…. GONE!!

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the before and afters, side by side.

Zuni Front WalkwayZuni EntryZuni Living Room

Zuni Kitchen

I have to admit, this house made a huge transformation!  I was skeptical when I first took it on, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I just know that someone is going to be excited about moving into this house and making it their home!

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 6.02.47 PM

So, that’s it for my remodels for now.  I’ve got some other fun projects in my future… Stay tuned!

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