Rustic Modern Leather Couch Remodel…

Rustic Modern Leather Couch Remodel…featured

Hi!!  Happy Spring!!

Guess what?!  I finally had a few days to dig into a project that has been lingering in the back of my psyche(and my garage) for the last 5 months.

Here is a photo of the ugly duckling.

Funky Couch Narrow

I bought her for $50.  She had nice lines, but was tired… Like, real tired!  The cushions were beat, the fabric had cat scratches and stains.  She was ready for a new look.

When I first saw her, I imagined her future to look something like this

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.03.00 PM

Although, the reality is that I live in a house with 3 sons and a bruiser of husband, so I knew that the couch needed to be a hair more padded.  You know, square, hard corners are no good when they come in contact with heads, knees and other flailing body parts in the heat of a wrestle match.  Also, I wanted to use a rustic, matte sheen leather that would wear like a good pair of work boots.

So, I headed over to the Leather Hide Store website to see what they had in stock.  Their online store is great!  Not only do they carry a fabulous assortment of upholstery grade leather, but they also provide samples for a nominal fee.  After receiving a few samples, I decided to go with this fabulous supple Italian leather called Lodge.  I bought 5 hides, but only needed 4 in the end.  That means, one more hide for another project in my future!  Yay!


Ok, so, the lowdown on cost… Financially, this project didn’t make a lot of sense.  I could have bought a brand new similar style couch for not much more than I have into this baby.  I replaced all the foam and reconfigured the cushions.  Even though I already had the foam on hand, at one point in time I paid a pretty penny for it.  Also, I bought 8″ walnut legs from because they just seemed to go better with our decor.  All that being said, I knew these facts before jumping in to the project and I hymned and hawed if I was just crazy enough to do this.  But, lo and behold my crazy “maker” brain won over my logical brain sensibilities and I decided that I just wanted to go for it.  I’d been itching to learn how to work with leather and this was the project that I was going to do it on… And, you know what?  I’m glad that I did!  Other than a few minor issues along the way, it turned out pretty good!


Here are a few more pics…

IMG_1914 IMG_1913 IMG_1912

Well, that’s it folks!  Thanks for stopping by!  I’ve got a few more projects that I’m dreaming up right now…  I have a feeling that Spring is going to help get me out of my creative slump!

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