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Hey there!!

It’s been a very white winter.  The kind that makes you want to go out and play in the snow, then come home and cozy up in front of the fire with a fuzzy blanket, a good book and a furry friend or snuggly family member.  Ok, just kidding… I hardly ever sit around.  I’m a busy body.  It’s true, I do like to play in the snow, and I do like to sit in front of the fire and be cozy, but it’s usually only for about 20 minutes in the morning while I drink a cup of coffee and wait for my “go” light to turn on.  Then, I’m off and running!  Except for last week, when I had a head cold, low energy and almost zero brain power.  You know what I mean, right?  You wake up in the morning and you don’t want to get out of bed because you just know that you need to keep sleeping until you feel better, but that’s not really an option.  So, you get up and try to function, but you are inefficient and unproductive.  Yup, that was my week last week.  B O R I N G!!!  Anyway, while laying around and wanting to be productive and reflecting on the last few months, I felt a little sad that I haven’t had much time to work on projects.  It’s just life sometimes, you can’t fit everything in.  Between the holidays, my oldest son having surgery in December, my husband having surgery in January, 2 of our kid’s birthdays, work, preparing taxes, and playing in the snow; it just seemed impossible to find time to get into the creative zone.

Anyway, while I was pondering my thoughts of being in the land of blissful “making,” I remembered that I never shared the update on the sleeping loft.   So today, months after the fact, I’m sharing.  And, it’s still not finished, but I think I just need to feel like I accomplished something.  So here you have it.  Remember this?  It’s the area above our stairs where we built a little micro size sleeping loft.  I started this project last May, 2015.

full view loft birds nest headboard 1 drawer stairs

If this is your first time checking it out and you want to see more details, you can always visit the prior posts by clicking here for the loft framing and back board and over here for the drawers/stairs.

The next thing on my to-do list was to make the bed for guests, which also doubles as a couch for a little cozy “get away” spot in the house.

I bought 2 cheap slabs of $20 camping foam and two packages of linen-look curtain panels from Tuesday Morning, a closeout retailer, to use for the fabric for the mattress pad cover.  It was a good quality fabric and I couldn’t have bought that amount of yardage for less at the fabric store.  So, for $80 and a few hours of time I was able to make a custom, convertible cushion for the loft.

This is what the area looks like when the cushion is set up as a couch.


Here is how the cushion converts to a mattress.Bird's Nest Bed

The two cushions are actually joined in the middle by a strip of fabric that runs along the length of the cushions so that the two separate pads are attached while it is laying flat, and even when it’s folded for that matter.  Here are some more images to give you an idea of how they are joined together.  You never actually see the zippers when it is set up correctly.


IMG_1801 (1) IMG_1800

Ok, now you have the basic idea.  Here are a few more shots of the loft as a seating area.



Bird's Nest Couch

IMG_1759Patrick, my husband and I share a home office.  He is a realtor and spends a lot of time of the phone…  Sometimes I escape up to the the loft with my laptop so that I can focus with a little peace and quiet.  It really is comfy up there, and has a nice view out of the little windows of the tree tops and Lava Butte to the south of us.


But then, when we need the space to double as an extra bedroom, it works out pretty nicely to sleep 2 people.  It’s about the size of a full size bed.  I took this photo from a ladder, because normally you cannot see the sleeping area.  It’s surprisingly private.


Closer look…


View from the bed…


Ok, so that’s about it.  I’m still on the fence trying to decide if I want to wrap the windows with wood trim and add window coverings, or if I just add the window coverings and keep the look minimal… Decisions, decisions… Although, not really pressing and pretty low on my priority list right now.  I’m also contemplating putting some artwork on the wall opposite of the windows.   The space is still just a little too stark.

Well… That’s about it folks.  Thanks for visiting…

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