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Easy Tapestry Wall Art… Rod Pocket Tutorial

Easy Tapestry Wall Art… Rod Pocket Tutorialfeatured

Ok, this is so silly and probably not worth posting about, but I’m going to do it anyway.  It will be the easiest tutorial ever, and hey… Who couldn’t benefit from an easy tutorial now and then? Basically, this is a how-to sew a rod pocket on a tapestry tutorial.  Then, you’re going to hang it Read more

Large Scale Art… For $100!

Large Scale Art… For $100!featured

Hi friends!! Oh boy, I’m so pumped about how this project turned out and I want to share the details with you so you can get busy making your own GIANT artwork…. Cause, who doesn’t want GIANT artwork in their house? Here’s the scoop.  I’m staging a gorgeous model home in a brand new, modern Read more