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The Worst Gift I Ever Gave My Husband…

The Worst Gift I Ever Gave My Husband…featured

It’s true… I bought this pile of motorcycles for Patrick’s 30th Birthday in 2002.  Let’s have another look, shall we? Yup, there they are… All 12 of them.  Two of them actually ran.  Well kinda… sorta…they may have needed a little finessing to get them going, but Patrick has those sort of man skills.  But Read more

Our house… Work in progress.

Our house… Work in progress.featured

 I’ve never been much for decorating and it has always taken me a long time to make our houses feel like “home” because of that.   We moved into our current house 2 years ago and I’m just now looking around thinking… um, yeah, it’s time to get on it.  I’m talking about simple stuff Read more