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Interior Decorating… Industrial Modern Loft

Interior Decorating… Industrial Modern Loftfeatured

Hi friends!!  A while back I posted a mood board and preview of an apartment that I was hired to furnish and decorate for a client.  I call him Mr. Dreamy client.  Easy to work with, easy to please, and a downright good guy.  This was a fun job because the apartment was pretty stellar to Read more

The Atrium… Condo Model Home Staging Tour

The Atrium… Condo Model Home Staging Tourfeatured

Hi friends! I just thought I’d give you a little photo tour of  the condo that I staged recently.  The building is brand new, and has 9 units for sale. It is called The Atrium.  It was a last second job, and had a tight deadline, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.  The space is Read more

Winter Eclectic Home Tour… Maker Of Home Style

Winter Eclectic Home Tour… Maker Of Home Stylefeatured

Hey guys!  Welcome to my holiday home tour!  Jess, from Domicile 37 has been gracious enough to invite me to join her and 24 other creative and eclectic design bloggers to share their holiday/winter homes.  I feel quite out of my league joining in with this talented group of ladies.  At the bottom of this post, Read more