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Teen Mission Control Center…featured

I’m flattered that my kids ask me to help them with projects from time to time.  It makes me think that I must have one “iota” of cool factor if they trust me to help them spruce up their bedrooms.  Truth be told, my house is no showplace.  It is very lived in and the bedrooms are pretty much “do as you like” with them.  I’ve never been one to decorate my kids rooms, not even when they were babies.  Maybe it’s because we moved so much… Maybe it’s because I’m cheap… Maybe it’s just because I have 3 messy  2 messy boys (Tristan and Windham) that don’t really care about the decor of their rooms as long as there is room for their junk stuff.  Or maybe, the truth is… after a lot of years, I’ve come to grips with the fact that I just like to make decor, or furniture, or window treatments.  The actual “decorating” part is not easy for me.  I have some really gifted friends when it comes to decorating (Kristi, Becky, Lisa, Hope, Regan, Lehnora, Laurie M, and Amy J)…. Those girls just know exactly where to put the pillow, artwork, furniture and accents to make their homes warm and inviting… And stylish!  I’m inspired by them and their ability to decorate their homes.  Wish I had that talent.

Anyway, this was the situation with our oldest son’s bedroom. He has a small room, and he keeps rearranging it depending on what he is “into” this week… If you have teens, you totally know what I mean.


Basically, Tristan(18), has been kind enough to invite his younger brother, Kaelan (14) into his tiny room for camaraderie…  Sometimes they just play video games together.  It is one of their common bonds.  An hour here, two hours there.  I can hear the laughter downstairs.  Sometimes they just work side by side on their computers.  One is doing homework (Kael) and the other is studying the stock market or searching for his next car to flip (Tristan).  Either way, I adore that they love each other enough to sit side by side, giggle, play and bounce ideas off of one another.

Sooooo. They decided that they liked this arrangement of sharing space, sans the plastic folding table of course, and they wanted me to help them build a desk and computer console to accommodate all of their apparatus.

I couldn’t refuse the invitation to help them, knowing that they were also going to have to help me.  Mama/son bonding time… I’ll take it!

We built it last weekend.

Tristan 3

They love how it turned out!  What do you think?  Looks pretty “dude, that’s cool,” to me.  It even has a little industrial vibe to it.

Tristan 1

Tristan 4

And, the best part… It cost less than $100!

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