Handmade Wingback Wedding Gift?!

Handmade Wingback Wedding Gift?!featured

So, here’s the story.  In 1966, years before my friend Shannon was even born, her “would be” in-laws got married.  An uncle actually MADE them the chair for their wedding gift…. Who does that?  I’m so envious!  Anyway, Shannon remembers the chair was originally a turquoise tweed, then it was gold and orange striped.  She had it recovered in a floral print years ago.  Here’s how it looked when it came to me…  She (meaning the chair) was ready for an update.

Shannon's Chair Was

Isn’t it funny how the styles recirculate.  Remember how it originally started out as a turquoise tweed?  Now it’s a red tweed almost 50 years later.  And, I have to say, the chair was in great shape when I tore it down to its bare bones.  We did give it a more modern look and ditched the skirt to show a little leg. I think she’s made a major comeback!

Shannon's Before and After

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