2016... A Maker's Year in Review

Hi there!  Happy New Year, friends!  I don't normally get wrapped up in making new year's resolutions... Mostly because I fail miserably at keeping them, and heck, I just don't think that I want to have that focus on my shortcomings and/or lack of follow through. Sheesh, did I just define the word defeatist or what? I guess I'm just trying to live in the moment, trusting God for whatever He throws my way.  I truly believe that He has a plan for me and in it, He shows me what I need to overcome and places opportunities in front of me for growth.  So instead of looking ahead to 2017, I'm choosing to look back at 2016, with a grateful heart for all that has happened.  I had to face fears, feel uncomfortable, take risks and at the very nature of God, have faith.  All these challenges pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I survived... I may have even thrived!  I'm not going to get into my personal life on here, because really, this blog is about sharing my creative pursuits.  I'm just going share with you the projects that I did for work and the random ones that I did for pleasure.  It's a totally mixed bag.  Some construction, design, sewing, upholstery, woodworking, and a little reality TV filming.

So, here it is.  My creative and work roundup for 2016.

Let's look at my work related projects, first.

1. Managed the interior design and remodel for 3 flip homes, 1 for us for an HGTV pilot, 2 for my favorite client.

Flip #1

She was easy...New paint, stain, siding, carpeting, minor repairs. I didn't post about this one.  She was pretty plain Jane.

Flip #2 Mid Century Ranch Remodel for TV Pilot

Flip #3 The Log Home

Click here for all the before photos.

Log home stripped down

Log home after photos

Click here for the complete after photos of the log home.

2. I did the interior design and construction management of a small retail business.


After Pics... Well mostly, I never officially took final pics, but these are pretty close. I designed this reception desk and sourced the walnut slab.  We painted it, replaced the flooring and window treatments.

The rest of the walnut was used to make this countertop in the bathroom.

I really should go and take after photos now that it is decorated and the paint has been touched up.

3. I also did a facelift on a RV park office and managers mobile home.


The office is in through the sliding glass doors on the right. I also remodeled the office with tongue and groove panelling, new window treatments and a beautiful large Oregon map. (whoops, forgot to take photos of the interior)

The park is in a little woodsy town known for it's close proximity to the mountains, forests, and lakes where people go to enjoy outdoor recreating.  So, we wanted it to appeal to the travelers who would be staying there. While not the sort of design that I normally do, it seems to be suitable for this application and location.  Without breaking the bank, we were able to just add some wood accents and new paint to help her fit into her surroundings.


I made the "office" sign and built the shutters and wall mounted desk.

Ok, now you've seen most of my work projects...

Moving on to my personal creative endeavors.

 1. I made the convertible cushion for our sleeping loft that we built over our stairway.

2. I installed, with my hubby's help, the barnwood wall in our dining room.

3. I took a crappy old couch and reupholstered it in leather.


These pictures don't do it justice.  It's a beautiful matte, very supple leather.

4. I refinished the patio couch that I built in 2015 and made new cushions for it.

Originally it looked like this... Before the sun damaged the cushions.

I stained the wood and made new cushions.

5. I also recovered the little milk crate cushions.

I made the live-edge Ponderosa bench with the hairpin legs a few years ago.

6. I refinished a mid century dresser (that I never took after pics of).

NOTE TO SELF... ALWAYS TAKE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES! Sorry friends!  I blew it with this multiple times this year!

7. I refinished the wood and made new cushions for a cute mid century chair.

8. Oh yeah... I forgot, I also recovered this little stool and made a couple of these Pendleton pillows.

9. I rebuilt my desk, made shelves, and picture ledges as part of our office makeover for the One Room Challenge.

Semi-floating walnut desk.

Walnut shelves

Walnut picture ledges

10. I made a new headliner for my lil' red work truck.

11. I made a Han Solo costume for one of our kids from old clothes.

Bonus.. It fits me!

And, the biggest project of the of the year...

 Filming for a potential new home improvement show with our family. First a sizzle reel to see if we were candidates for a pilot... Then a pilot episode!  I still can't believe this whole experience happened to us.  Feels like a dream.

Sizzle... Just a couple shots.

Then came the pilot... a few teaser pictures for what's to come...

This is Tristan, our oldest son... He's a big part of the show.  I'm trying to be careful what I say about it at this point. We are hoping that it will air this winter sometime, and I'll definitely be sharing more when I know more.

 Ok, well... That was a lot to pull together.  I'm honestly shocked that I was able to do so many little projects in between my big jobs and/or on weekends.  Overall, 2016 was a great year for me.  I feel so grateful for the opportunities that I had with work and filming this show.  I was pushed to grow and step out of my comfort zone.  Also, I've been really grateful for all of your support.  Every comment that you leave is an encouragement for me to keep going.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! From the bottom of my heart, I mean it!