Mom and Me... An Update... Now Casting!

Hi friends!  I've missed you for the last couple of months!  Life has been busy and in an effort to keep all of my "real life" plates spinning, I haven't had much time for social media, blogging, or even my favorite... getting my hands dirty in some DIY projects!  But, life is good... I count my blessings daily, and like most of you... I'm just trying to maintain balance between work/family life. 

So... What's the update with "Mom and Me," you're wondering? 

Well, here's the skinny in a nutshell.  Let me back track just a little bit, in case you're new here.  In late 2015 we were contacted by a production company on Instagram because we were in the midst of renovating 6 flip houses for an investor.  It was the tail end of the recession and homes were continually hitting the courthouse steps after the foreclosure process.  There was still an upside to flipping at that time and the production company really liked our mother-son home renovation work dynamic.  They pitched us to HGTV and in the summer of 2016 we filmed a pilot episode for our show called "Mom and Me."  In the  episode we bought a fixer upper, worked some magic, and resold it in like new condition for a profit.  The show aired a few times in 2017. To our surprise, the network picked it up for 6 more episodes!  Yahoo!  We were equal parts shocked and excited about this awesome, yet totally unexpected news!! 

Here's a little before and after pic from the pilot in case you missed it.  Continue reading below.


Now, fast forward to 2018 and the market in our hometown of Bend, Oregon is booming again!  Inventory is low and prices are climbing quickly.  We have searched high and low to find 6 bargain houses that we could purchase, fix up, and resell for our first series.  I'm not going to lie... This pursuit has been stressful!  On one hand we were so elated with the opportunity that HGTV was giving us, and on the other hand, we were feeling discouraged that we weren't going to be able to deliver without taking huge financial risks (that's not how we roll)!  The numbers just weren't making any sense, and it was likely that we'd lose money in this market if we proceeded.  All that to say, I'm super excited to announce that the network just gave us the go-ahead to forgo the flip house format and allow us to do remodels for clients instead!!  (Insert jumping for joy!) We couldn't be any happier about this news!  With the new format, we will be working with local families, still doing what we are passionate about: which is transforming tired, outdated or dysfunctional houses into stunning new spaces that the homeowners will be stoked about!

So, now what? 

Our production company is going to run an ad on HGTV casting for people who want to work with us, be on TV and have their home renovation featured on our show.  There are some stipulations... the ad will look something like this and will post next week. But, since you're my friends, I thought I'd pass the word on to you first. :)


Do you live in Central Oregon and want to update your home?

HGTV is looking for fun families with a sweet vintage, contemporary, or mountain style home that has lots of character but is in desperate need of an update.

 All applicants must own their home and be ready to start right away, have a minimum budget of $60K, be willing to appear on the show and potentially move out of their house for 4-5 weeks during renovations. The show does not reimburse for accommodations.

 Please send an email to with your name, address and phone number. Also include a photo of your family, an exterior house photo, and photos of the rooms to be renovated along with a list of desired upgrades and the budget you have to work with. Only eligible candidates will be contacted.


Ok, so that's basically the scoop...  please feel free to spread the word!  We hope to move quickly into pre-production and start filming in early spring!  We can't wait to meet our new clients and get started!

Thanks friends!!! xoxo,

Karrie and Tristan