Eclectic Mountain Home Tour... Summer 2017


Hey, hey friends!  If you've been following the Summer Eclectic Home Tour hosted by Jess at Domicile 37 and are new to my site, welcome!!  And, if you're one of my regulars around here, thanks again for your continued support!  My home tour is the last stop of this blog hop.  I hope that by now you've had a chance to check out all of the other talented bloggers that have been sharing their homes throughout the week.  I've been so impressed with this group of ladies and their mad design and decorating skills!  These girls truly know how to mix up styles, patterns, furniture, art, and textiles to achieve eclectic, well curated homes that are warm and inviting!

  Speaking of warm and inviting... That is how I hope people feel when they come to our house.  We love to "informally" entertain and tend to have an open door policy with lots of  people coming and going... Some stay for minutes, some stay for months.  We are a family of 5, I am the only girl... Ok, fine... I'm a lady.  (Do you ever wonder at what age you switch from "girl" to "lady"?  This is the stuff my brain wonders about sometimes).  Anyway, we live in Bend, Oregon... A little mountain town on the cusp of turning into a real city at the base of the Cascade Mountain range.  I love the mountains and am inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  I would say that my design style for our home is a little mountain-rustic-modern with an eclectic mix of DIY and mid century pieces.  Boy that was a mouthful! I love to woodwork, reupholster, and restore old furniture... I'm also frugal; most of the furniture and decor in our house is second hand or I built it.  Somehow it all seems cohesive, but it really is a miss match of things that either tell a story, were scavenged, or have been a labor of my handy work.  I hope that you enjoy our perfectly, imperfect tour.

The front of the house...


This is probably the most landscaped area at our house.  We have SO many deer; it's not easy to keep flowers around here!


I built this trellis a couple of years ago and I still love it.  In the next month, the clematis will be in full bloom!

Link to blog post about building the window box and X-trellis.


This is our front patio.  It faces the east... This is where we sip coffee in the summer morning sun.


This bamboo pretzel furniture is from the 1930's!! I bought it a year ago and just refinished the bamboo.  Whew... that was quite the undertaking! Let me tell you, SO many hard to reach nooks and crannies. I need to recover the cushions next...


Let's go inside for a bit and tour the main living area...


Link to blog post about reupholstering that vintage leather couch.


In the winter, we heat our house with this wood stove.  It's nice to decorate it with plants during the summer months.  They'd never survive being that close to the stove in the winter... We like to keep it toasty warm in here!


My mom's Dutch bike...(definitely need to write a blog post about this bike someday!)


Now my favorite part... Our back, west facing patio.  This is where the summer evenings are spent enjoying the view with friends and family...


Link to blog posts about this cantilevered couch that I built.


Link to blog post about creating with live-edge ponderosa pine. (Coffee Table)


Growing hops!


Link to tutorial for Big X trellis.


Here is my crew chillin' on the patio.

The view from the back patio...


Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed a little step into our mountain home living experience!

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