Mom and Me... A New Series!!!

Hi friends!  Can you believe it, HGTV offered us a 6 episode series?!!!  I have to admit, We're in total shock!  We honestly didn't think that it was going to happen!

Here is a little interview that we did with the local news announcing our pick-up. We are super excited for this incredible opportunity and definitely want to say a huge "thank you" to all of our friends and family for cheering us on during this process.  We'd also like to give a giant shout out to our HGTV executive, Loren, our local producer and showrunner, Jesse, our executive producer, Greg, the whole production and film crew and of course all of our loyal suppliers and subcontractors.  If it wasn't for these people, this never would have happened!


 Loren, Jesse, Me, Tristan, & Greg



So, that's all for now... Just wanted to share a quick update and say a little "thank you!"  Hopefully, Mom and Me will be airing in the summer/fall 2018... Stay tuned!

Warm regards, Karrie and the Trowbridge Boys


Photo from the last day of filming our pilot episode