Once upon a time, it was a happy little couch. My first upholstery project.

Poppy Couch Was
Poppy Couch Was

Here she is... Cute as a button, huh?  Well, maybe... almost?  Ok, so she was cute at an earlier time in her life.  But, as with lots of tired old furniture, I saw her potential.  And, she came with a matching chair.  Sadly, I didn't document these fine relics with decent before photos.  I know, what was I thinking?  Oh, and I just thought I'd mention, I actually used this set in my house for probably a year before I actually took on the chore of reupholstering them.  Yes, it was uncomfortable. The springs where shot and one was actually sticking through the fabric and would rip your pants... I was nervous about reupholstering them myself but paying to have it done wasn't an option.  So, alas... I did it.  My first big reupholstery project.

Did I mention that this is a click-back sofa?  So cool, the back clicks forward and then reclines into a full size bed.  If you're wondering what's up with the poppy?  Well... I don't know, I was just having some fun with it.  It just added some character.  I love poppies and I love the color red so I went for it.  It had some nice silver applique thread accents...It was actually kinda cool close up.  But, once again... I didn't take any great shots of it.

Here's the chair.  The fabric was a black, grey, and white tweed.  The set was from 1955.  I ended up selling it on craigslist.  I loved it, but I was also in the pursuit of making some income on it and I knew that it wouldn't stand up to the harsh realities of living in our chalet of a house full of boys and animals.


This was 2010.