Our house... Work in progress.


 I've never been much for decorating and it has always taken me a long time to make our houses feel like "home" because of that.   We moved into our current house 2 years ago and I'm just now looking around thinking... um, yeah, it's time to get on it.  I'm talking about simple stuff like window coverings, shower curtains, furnishing and hanging things on the wall.  Don't most people do that stuff within the first month of moving in?  Not me...  Part of the problem is that I'm frugal, maybe too frugal.  Most of the stuff in our house was either bought on Craigslist, thrifted, inherited or I made it.  I see nice new things that I want, but they're out of my budget or I just can't stomach the thought of spending that kind of money for something (probably because I seem to be attracted to expensive things).  Plus, I have this absurd notion that I can make everything that I need or find a great used alternative... I think it's a neurosis that I have developed over the years because we were a young, financially struggling family with one income.  I was 20 and my husband was 24 when we had our first son.  I wanted to be a stay at home mama and so we made sacrifices and did the best we could to spend conservatively.  Also, we moved a lot... And, I mean a LOT!!  Sometimes for work, sometimes for fun.  That's a whole post in itself that I'm not going to get into here.  Anyway, moving helps you keep things pared down.  I'm also picky and patient when it comes down to it.  I'd rather just do without.  For example: our kid's bonus room had no couch in it for almost a year. Yep, the kids had camp chairs and a ratty old recliner up there.  They don't understand why I can't just go buy something new.... Thank goodness they love me anyway.  Now they have a couch... but it's a broken piece of junk that got demoted from our living room when we got a new (used) couch.


See the space in the photo to the right, in between the two windows?  There was just a weight bench there until a few weeks ago.  I was against decorating/furnishing until it was gone.  It was awful looking.  I mean, it's STILL awful looking up there, but I see potential now at least.  Here's another fault to my frugality... When we built the house I decided to pinch pennies and skip out on the window trim.  That was silly, I regret that choice.  I was concerned about sticking to our budget, but, in the grand scheme, it wouldn't have added that much to the cost.  But, the reality was that we started building when the economy was still bad so we were really careful about not wanting to over extend ourselves.  In fact, our goal was to build this house for exactly what we thought our old house would sell for.  And, we did...Well, mostly.  We didn't pave the driveway or do any landscaping for the first year.  We tolerated living with a 1/4 mile uphill, bumpy gravel driveway and a dirt yard.  Now we have a driveway and a lawn, but no landscaping....yet.  Here's an aerial view of our property that a friend took.  That's our shop (also a work in progress) on the far right, and the back of our house on left....

aerial view
aerial view

Don't mind the campers, trailer, and motocross track... That's why we live in the country.  Thankfully, none of our neighbors can see all of our junk...  Although, they do have to listen to the dirtbikes sometimes.  We're grateful to have awesome neighbors that share my husbands passion for motocross, though.

Anyway, back to today... This house needs some love and affection.  I can't believe that I just shared a picture of the bonus room... How embarrassing!  Sad thing is, that's not the only room that looks like we just moved in yesterday.  It's time (2 years overdue) to get settled in make this house feel like home.

To Do List:

decorate/furnish upstairs bonus room

window coverings upstairs

Tristan's room(it's awful!)

upstairs bathroom

laundry/mud room

master bedroom

master bath


Exterior To Do List:

landscape the beds

furnish the patio

retaining wall

garbage can shed

Boy...That seems like an overwhelming list doesn't it?  When you build a new home, especially one on acreage (22+), it really does take awhile to tackle all the projects... Unless you have big bucks to pay people to do it for you ;)

Sorry for the extra long post...  Stay tuned to watch me transform this house into our home.