Vintage Eclectic Bungalow... Holiday Home Tour

Happy Holidays!!  This is my second year to be joining in the Winter Eclectic Home Tour.  It's an online blog hop, hosted by Jess from the blog Domicile 37 where you will visually experience a wide range of carefully curated, uniquely styled homes that are decked out for this joyous season. I for one am always excited to see what these stylishly creative ladies are coming up with.  If you've already been following along and just landed here from my dear friend, Erica's, dreamy, bright and beautiful tour, then welcome!

Winter Eclectic Home Tour

 This has been a crazy year with exciting things on the horizon but I must admit, not only has my blog posting significantly dropped off, but I just couldn't get my act together to get my decor in order for this tour.  But, have no fear, I came up with a great "alternate" plan... Cause sometimes, you just need to have a backup... Am I right?!  So, the other night, while having dinner at my bestie's house, a lightbulb went off!!  Her house was perfectly, eclectically styled and ready to go.  And, like a good bestie, she allowed me to talk her into letting me take photos of her home.   She and her husband have such a knack for thrifting and displaying vintage goodies and family heirlooms.  You're going to love it!  Their house is an adorable 1949 bungalow that they have been lovingly renovating over the years. They have literally maximized every square inch of their 1200 sq ft cutie into usable space with custom built-ins, reclaimed materials, all while maintaining the original character of the home.

You guys are in for a treat!


Do you see this wooden tree above?  Well, my girlfriend's creative and handy husband built it from scraps of reclaimed gymnasium floor (which also happen to be installed in their guest bath)... The little planks still have the original gym floor striping on them!


Now, let's go inside!!

Upon entering their cozy house, this is the view.


They have the best record collection too... You will often walk in with classics spinning.  And look, another little tree made from reclaimed wood!


When you look to the left upon entering the home, this is the view into the living room and dining area.  It is not a very big space, so I took this pic with a wide angle lens just to give perspective.


Another wide angle shot of this room, but toward the entry.  Don't you just love all of the pops of color!


Oh, and even though this isn't my house, you can find some of my handiwork throughout...  Like this colorful storage ottoman that I built and upholstered and those fun roman shades.  You see, my bestie doesn't sew... But she loves picking out fabric and I've been known to do a little sewing for her over the years... I think I've made most of the drapery in her house. :)

Back to the entry...


They custom built the bench and coat rail, and installed this wood stove themselves.  I don't know about you, but I'm 100% in love with wood stoves and this thing keeps their house warm and toasty!


Ok, back to the living room...


I spy a little red holiday pillow that I made on the yellow chair!


One of my favorite things about their house is that they literally have so many interesting and unique antique and vintage finds and heirlooms.  Take this awesome bookshelf for example: the "lawyers bookcase."  It was willed to my bestie's great grandmother!  It swivels, too... She's got it styled to perfection with all kinds of fun oddities... Each item having it's own little story to tell.  I love it!!


Ok... Did you guys notice those stairs yet? I just love how she painted them.  They are just a little half flight that goes up to their attic living area/guest room.  It's the coolest room, but unfortunately... Not a part of this tour today.


Just look at this darling little Christmas tree! Isn't it the cutest?! And check out their fun kitchen and dining area...


If you look above the french doors, you can see a collection of fold-out cards... They're from my dear old Dad... Only a lucky few are recipients of these unique cards.  I just love this little spot where they get displayed!


Seriously, isn't this kitchen so charming?!  So full of nostalgic goodness!


And, this little Santa... He's been in my bestie's family since she was just a little tike!


There is one more room that I want to show you, their bedroom. It's not very big, but it's oh so cozy and serene. Quite different than the living area, but charming and full of character none the less.  The kind of place where you want to rest for a long winter's nap!


This shot was taken with the wide angle lens so you could see all of it.  The beautiful antique armoire and furniture, plus the custom built in cabinetry that bestie's husband built.


I just love the garland over the bed and the other greenery in the room!


Well, friends... That's a wrap!  I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did being the hostess of it!  Be sure to check out Michelle Matangi's tour after this one... She has amazing style!  And, she's from New Zealand!  You're going to love her and her home!  And, don't forget to check out the other tours that are linked below!

Winter Eclectic Home Tour